Experimental Research

We are committed to working in an experimental and research-based way.
Our focus is on the integration and improvement of leading technologies in planning and construction processes.
We maintain a wide range of collaborative efforts with companies and experts. We are actively involved in research programmes.
Our expertise in the field of data-based planning and AI methods is constantly being expanded.

Modular future

We are committed to the development of sustainable, cement-free masonry systems and are actively working on integrating micro-modular timber building blocks into circular construction projects. We are partners in the development of an adaptable, recyclable building system and support pioneering work in the development of high-performance wood-composite structures. (Find out more here: Triqbriq, Sembla, urbanbeta)

Simulation-based evaluation of climate resilience measures

We analyse the urban microclimate using the high-resolution PALM-4U simulation technology. This allows us to precisely assess the impact of buildings on the microclimate and the effect of climate adaptation measures. Our results provide a sound basis for sustainable urban and urban land-use planning.

Our web service – AI-based flow simulation

FLOWer, our innovative AI technology, enables rapid flow simulation for building ensembles. At the heart of FLOWer is a specially trained neural network that replaces the conventional, time-consuming and cost-intensive numerical solution of physical equations. This method offers fast air flow analyses as a web service, and supports smart city solutions against sources of heat stress.