About us

In an evolutionary, employee-centred corporate structure, we adapt agilely and flexibly to changing requirements and needs and continue to develop.

„Together, made easy.”
It is crucial that we embrace challenges while focusing on the goal of a sustainable future. We are not discouraged by the difficulties of the here and now, but push for a future that is worth living for everyone.
Our approach is holistic: We act with head, heart, courage and understanding. We are convinced that this combination is not only important for our company, but also for society as a whole.
Pascal Michel
M.Sc. Structural Engineer

str.ucture was founded in 2012 by Michael Herrmann, Julian Lienhard, Alexander Michalski and Stefan Schöne and emerged from Studio LD, which has been a major player in lightweight construction since 2008. The company is based in Stuttgart and operates internationally.



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