Structural Engineering

We develop and calculate load-bearing structures with high precision and expertise.
Our commitment is focused on maintaining a perfect balance between quality, adherence to deadlines, cost efficiency and sustainability.
We realise visionary architectural designs.
Our strength is the unique combination of project work, research and teaching.

Successful building construction projects

For the planning of innovative building construction projects and the handling of obstacles, we have set up our internal processes in such a way that we ensure compliance with the quality, cost and deadline specifications across all service phases while at the same time integrating the sustainability goals to be pursued.

Harmonious architecture thanks to efficient load-bearing structures

Through this comprehensive approach, we strive to create architecture that is not only aesthetically impressive, but also meets the needs of our clients while harmonising with the built environment.

Realising visions

Our commitment to the realisability of an architectural design is reflected in the quality of our work, and helps to ensure that our projects are not only visionary, but also successfully realised.

Research in practice

The combination of project work, research and teaching at str.ucture is unique for a structural engineering office in Germany, and leads to projects with the highest standards of quality and innovation.