Digital Fusion

We integrate digital technologies seamlessly into our processes.
Parametric design methods, calculations and production seamlessly in a centralised workflow.
Many years of experience in BIM – creation, coordination, management, consulting and beyond.
Interconnected planning technologies for the work of an interdisciplinary team on sophisticated solutions.

Parametric process chain

A wide variety of boundary conditions from different specialist disciplines and customer requirements are taken into account throughout the planning process by using parametric methods. This approach promotes the development of simply good architecture by seamlessly combining design, simulation and calculation. It enables the optimisation of load-bearing structures and the automation of processes, resulting in efficient buildings and projects.

Customised BIM as Standard

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is our basis for seamlessly exchanging information and ideas, improving the planning process and identifying errors or discrepancies at an early stage. We guarantee precise and consistent data management and optimised project control. Individually adapted to each project – from open to closed, from small to big – we always guarantee an efficient and customised solution that is precisely tailored to the specific needs of each project.

"Digital Native"

Interconnected planning technologies are the key to the working methods we use to develop innovative solutions together with our project partners. Our method, based on digital processes, promotes collaboration between all parties involved and accelerates the development of complex structures.