Circular Building Technology On-Demand

Client BetaPort
Collaboration Urban Beta
Image credits Urban Beta
Scope Structural design all phases
Materials Timber, membrane
Covered area 125 m²
Planning period 2021 - 2022
Completion 2022

Providing scalable building solutions for a circular future

BetaPort provides circular "Building As a Service" (BAaS) solutions for sustainable architectures on-demand. We offer adaptive spaces that are flexible in use and follow an open-source mentality. Our system can grow over time and adapt to future use cases, activated through predictive planning for maximum efficient layouts.

BetaPort offers a modular building system, built into a whole ecosystem, designed around the reversible building blocks. The BetaPort system is built upon highly flexible interior layouts, based on modular building blocks. The design can react to changes, like varying capacities or alternating functions.

A digital design workflow was crafted to create modular, prefabricated building blocks that allow for scalability and fast construction on a multitude of locations. BetaPort comes with a digital planning tool: The BetaPort configurator. It serves as an interactive platform to connect various project stakeholders, decision makers, planners and users alike. The design process becomes an interactive act of participation and allows unseen information streams, relations and processes to be visualized, compared and optimized. Using machine learning and custom algorithms the configurator is designed for playful and efficient planning. It eliminates planning errors, anticipates building costs and creates production data.