Textilhybrid M1, ICD/ITKE Uni Stuttgart, FR, 2012

Bending-Active, CFRP/GFRP, Parametric Design

In summer 2012, scientists and students of the ICD and ITKE of Stuttgart University could demonstrate the efficiency of the latest design and simulation methods for lightweight design with the construction of a hybrid bending- and form-active roof. 

The scientific objective of this project was the diversification of possibilities for membrane constructions by adding innovative integral structural systems and multidimensional surfaces. Although membranes belong to lightweight construction types, they often require significant secondary structures for the anchorage of the system. The use of integrated bending-active supports can counteract exactly those aspects allowing at the same time for the development of complex space formations.

Project team: Institute for Computer-Based Design – Prof. Achim Menges, Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design – Prof. Jan Knippers

Students: Markus Bernhard, David Cappo, Celeste Clayton, Oliver Kaertkemeyer, Hannah Kramer, Andreas Schönbrunner

Scientists: Sean Ahlquist, Julian Lienhard

Input of Julian Lienhard, str.ucture engineer: concept development, form-finding, patterning and structural design with finite elements simulation