Bending Active Membrane Roofing Marrakech ITKE University of Stuttgart, MA, 2011


The Marrakech membrane roofing is an innovative membrane structure realised in the context of a student project with the HFT Stuttgart for a schoolyard roofing in Marrakech, Morocco. The supporting structure comprises 7.5 m long, elastically-bent fibreglass rods (in pockets) for the pre-stressing of the membrane. It was now possible to demonstrate this innovative technique with the aid of a large-scale membrane structure of 11 x 12 m span. Following the successful test installation in the Stuttgart Park, the patio roofing was installed in Marrakech in March 2012 by a group of Moroccan and German students of architecture.

Project team: HFT Stuttgart –
Prof. Fritz-Ulrich Buchmann,
Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) – Prof. Jan Knippers

Students: Selim Alemdar, Christine Anja Göritz, Raphael Klein, Alexandra Siblid, Antonis Galanis

Scientist: Julian Lienhard

Input of Julian Lienhard, str.ucture engineer: concept development, form-finding, patterning and structural design with finite element simulation