Sortimo Innovationspark, Zusmarshausen, DE, 2021

Form-finding, Lightweight, Membrane, Steel

For Europe's largest e-charging park, a total of 6 funnel-shaped steel membrane structures (PVC/PES membrane) were developed, which are attached to the columns of the main steel structure. Within these constructions the charging equipment for 4 Supra fast chargers per column is included. To allow the revisability one inspection door per column is included. This allows the access to the equipment without the need of removing individual membrane patches.
In addition, the bottom of the main steel structure as well as the bottom of the main steel structure in the rear terrace area was covered with a plane-tensioned membrane (PES mesh fabric). At the intersections between the bottom of the ceiling and the funnel-shaped structures, the two membranes merge.

Galileo TV clip

Covered area of the funnel-shaped structures: ca. 400 m²
Covered area of the bottom roof: ca. 1600 m²

Client: Koch Membranen GmbH
Architect: KE Alm GmbH
Collaboration: Tentum GmbH
Scope: Structural design steel and membrane
Planning period: 2020-2021
Completion: 2021