Neuer FREIRAUM für FREIBERG, Freiberg am Neckar, DE, 2018

Bridge, Buildings, Membrane, Steel, Timber

The concept "Neuer FREIRAUM für FREIBERG" ("New spaces for Freiberg") investigates the possibilities generated by creating an elevated covering of the A81 highway in Freiberg am Neckar in a central urban location. Between the Württemberger Straße bridge to the north and the Bilfinger Straße tunnel to the south, residential and office buildings span over the highway connected by a green lightweight bridge. The bridge connects the two formally separated parts of the city for pedestrians and adds needed living space. A deep cut, marked by noise and pollution, is transformed into a high-quality residential area with lots of green space, creating a new landmark for the innovation potential of the city. 

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Area: ca. 2,9ha
Span: ca. 65m

Client: City of Freiberg am Neckar
Collaboration: Leichtbau BW GmbH