Membrane Facade, WOS Adidas, Herzogenaurach, DE, 2018

Complex Modelling, Form-finding, Lightweight, Membrane, Optimisation, Parametric Design, Patterning, Steel

For the parking structure of the new Adidas Group campus “World of Sports” special attention was paid to the design of the façade. The nodes of the triangular mesh vary in distance to the main structure, thereby generating a 3-dimensional tessellated surface to give the façade a certain depth. A specially for this project produced mesh membrane was used to meet the criteria for smoke extraction. In the center of the supporting structure is an innovative “plug-in-connector” which was made possible by a parametric description and a consistent digital workflow that allowed the production of the geometrically complex steel structure.

Covered area: 7000 m²
Dimensions: 260 x 42 x 15 m
Material: Steel, PTFE-Glass

Client: adidas, Deutsche Industrie und Parkhausbua GmbH, Koch Membranen
Collaboration: designtoproduction
Scope: design and engineering all phases, construction drawings
Planning period: 2016-2017
Completion: 2018