Isoropia, Danish pavilion, Venice Biennale, IT, 2018

Complex Modelling, Lightweight

Isoropia - meaning balance, equilibrium and stability - is a finely tuned balance of tension and compression. Here, bespoke knitted textiles with varying material properties are embedded within actively bent fibreglass rods, finding together their equilibrium and form.
Structures are rarely mono-material or purely in tension or compression. Instead they are composed of multiple materials that each hold their own performance. In Isoropia, the forces in the bending active fibreglass rods are counterbalanced by the knitted textile system. Through the interaction of these two elements a stable equilibrium is established. Isoropia uses knit as a textile membrane. Knit is softer and less homogenous than traditional laminated membranes and its structure can be varied to create areas of more or less stretch.

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Covered area: 110 m²
Surface area: 160 m²
Material: Bespoke knitted textiles, GFRP rods

Client: DAC (Danish Architecture Centre), Biennale di Venezia
Architect: CITA
knit fabrication: AFF
Scope: structural design all phases
Planning period: 2017-2018
Completion: 2018