Convertible Membrane Roof, Buchs, CH, 2014

Convertible, Form-finding, Membrane, Parametric Design, Patterning, Steel

The foldable Membrane roof spans over a 50m long pedestrian road in the center of Buchs, Switzerland. In the deployed state the membrane takes on an undulating shape, pronounced by sharp ridges and valleys. The retracted membrane is collected under a parking bridge at the northern end and presents itself as the entrance arch of the road. During deployment of the roof it is pre-stressed in both directions to generate its final wind stable state. Wind tunnel tests were used as part of the structural analysis. The membrane is made of pure PTFE to serve the highest structural and visual standards.

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Client: Alliva AG
Architect: Kugel Architekten
Scope: structural design, form-finding, detailed planning, patterning, membran-installation
Planning period: 2014
Completion: 2014