BetaPort, Berlin, DE, 2021

Form-finding, Membrane, Optimisation, Parametric Design, Temporary, Timber

Structural design and conception of a spatial timber frame structure. Being constructed from flat panels and beams, different timber qualities can be used and re-used according to the specific needs within the system. The hollow sections allow the invisible integration of electrical installations and building services and the plug-n-play connection creates a flexible and scalable building system that can adapt to its users and grow over time.

Covered Area: 125 m²
Material: Timber, Membrane

Client: GreenTech Festival
Architect: Urban Beta
Collaboration: Koch Membranen, Ingenieurholzbau Gebr. Schütt kG
Scope: Design developement and detail design, Engineering all phases
Planning period: 2021
Completion: 2021